That awkward moment when you don’t understand what someone said, so you just laugh and hope it wasn’t a question

When you’re typing “HAHAHA” but you’re not actually laughing.

When you’re trying to flirt with your crush and someone interrupts…

You throw something at your friend and it hits someone else.
They look around like:

And you’re just like:

Tell me!
Postat av: Cajsa

god morgon! allt bra sötnos?

2011-12-11 @ 11:59:03
URL: http://cjssong.se
Postat av: Cajsa

jo tack livet rullar på. :P göres?

2011-12-11 @ 12:09:36
URL: http://cjssong.se
Postat av: Louise

härligt :)

2011-12-11 @ 12:20:35
URL: http://bylouiseelinor.blogg.se/
Postat av: Chriis

SV: hehe okej :)

haha roliga xD

2011-12-11 @ 12:28:54
URL: http://chriisgiirl.blogg.se/
Postat av: Beatrice Jakobsson (foto)

sv: nej okej :)

2011-12-11 @ 12:44:53
URL: http://beattriicee.blogg.se/

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